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​Wontons with Noodles (饺面jiǎo miàn)

In Yangzhou "jiao" refers to wantons, not dumplings, and wontons with noodles are a popular and affordable dish.

​Crab meat with large meatballs (蟹粉狮子头 xiè fěn shī zǐ tóu)

The dish was invented by a famous chef when Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty (AD581-618) visited Yangzhou.

Braised shredded chicken with ham and dried tofu (大煮干丝dà zhǔ gàn sī)

This dish is typical of Huaiyang cuisine and uses dried tofu strips, shredded chicken and bamboo shoots stewed together in chicken broth.

​Yangzhou fried rice (扬州炒饭 yáng zhōu chǎo fàn)

This rice dish dates back to the Sui Dynasty (581-618) and over the years after generations of chefs, has become one of the most famous Huaiyang dishes.


Yangzhou has a long and extensive history with food. It is famous for its Huaiyang cuisine, one of the four major cuisines in China, usually characterized by fresh ingredients and light flavors.

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