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Lotus root feast

The root, lotus, seed, seedpod and powdered root can be all used as food and the lotus root feast contains both uncooked root, as well as fried, boiled or cooked in soup, all of which are very tasty.

Crab meat tofu

This dish combines tofu with crab meat, which adds to the taste so that the fresh crab and tender tofu have won over many diners.

Drunk shrimp

This dish involves putting live shrimp in some wine then putting them on ice cubes when they're "drunk".

Braised silver carp's head

To cook the silver carp's head, it is first stewed for a long time until it is completely imbued with the source and is suffused with fragrance, and is tender and juicy.

Scalded Tofu Shreds (Yangzhou gan si)

Scalded tofu shreds represent one of the basic requirements of life for the people of Yangzhou.

​Yangzhou Steamed Dumplings (扬州汤包 yáng zhōu tāng bāo)

This Yangzhou delicacy comes win a variety of different fillings, each wrapped in very thin dough and steamed to perfection.

​Multi-Layer Oil Cake (千层油糕 qiān céng yóu gāo)

Through a method of slow fermentation, the multi-layer oil cake tastes soft and sweet.

​Three-Diced Steamed Bun (三丁包 sān dīng bāo)

The three-diced steamed are a particular Yangzhou favorite and stand out because of their soft and fluffy flour and savory fillings.

​Wensi tofu soup (文思豆腐羹 wén sī dòu fǔ gēng)

The soup was invented by a monk named Wen Si, who was at the Tianning Temple in Yangzhou during the reign of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912).

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