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Yechun Teahouse

Being a time honored restaurant in Yangzhou, Yechun Teahouse has become a must-visit spot for tourists who want to have a taste of authentic Yangzhou flavors.

Yangzhou Lion Pavilion (Slender West Lake Branch)

Close to the Slender West Lake, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery while dining at Yangzhou Lion Pavilion, where traditional Huaiyang dishes are served.

Gonghechun Restaurant (GanQuan Road Main Branch)

Gonghechun Restaurant is considered as a local Yangzhou landmark, offering traditional Huaiyang cuisine such as potstickers and shredded tofu.

Steamed crab dumplings

The dumplings are stuffed with crab meat, sea cucumber, shrimp, tender bamboo shoots and egg for a delicious, nutritious meal.

Fried shrimp meat

This dish enjoys wide popularity because of its fresh taste and easy digestion and is the ideal food for the elderly and the young.

Top 10 tasty snacks

The 10 tastiest snacks of Yangzhou are bamboo shoots and meat fried dumpling, Yangzhou cake, crab shell cake, egg pancake, salty pancake, turnip cake, and etc.

Sweet-scented osmanthus with candied lotus root

This dish is cooked with thick lotus root that is stewed in a casserole for three to four hours and is then sliced and sprinkled with thick sugar oil, which makes it fragrant, sweet and chewy.

Three-head dish

This dish uses split and braised silver carp head, roasted pig's head, and steamed crab meat with large meatballs.

Goose in brine

Yangzhou has many goose stalls, where the meat is fresh and tender, clean and fragrant and has a unique taste.

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