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Wanfuzha Delicatessen

Wanfuzha Delicatessen is popular among Yangzhou locals and famous for its soft and sticky pork head meat.

Delectable treats at Yangzhou summer night markets

Four well-known traditional foods that are worth a try at Yangzhou summer night markets.

Yangzhou breakfast map

Take a look at the best breakfasts on offer in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province.

Fuchun Teahouse

The teahouse was originally built in 1885 and offers a fine representation of the authentic cooking style of central Jiangsu province.

Lu's Ancient Mansion

Located in a former residence of a salt merchant, the restaurant attracts a lot of locals and visitors mainly because of its environment.

Quyuan Garden

Quyuan Garden fully demonstrates the charm of Huaiyang cuisine and the diligence of the food.

Yiyuan Hotel

The Yiyuan Hotel stands in the vibrant downtown area, and is close to several bus lines, making visit to popular tourist sights quite convenient.

Yechun Teahouse

Being a time honored restaurant in Yangzhou, Yechun Teahouse has become a must-visit spot for tourists who want to have a taste of authentic Yangzhou flavors.

Yulinglong Restaurant

Showcasing the best of Huaiyang cuisine, Yulinglong Restaurant is a popular restaurant among locals and visitors.

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