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Eight Yangzhou Eccentrics Memorial

Highlight eight Chinese painters from the Qing Dynasty

Gaomin Temple

Located at the Sancha River, a holy Buddhist site where people built temples from the Sui Dynasty (581-618).

​Slender West Lake

Located in the north of Yangzhou, the Slender West Lake scenic area spans about 100 hectares and is the first 5A-level tourist zone in the city.

Daming Temple

The Daming Temple is a national 4A scenic spot built during the Liusong reign period (457-464) of the Southern Dynasty (420-589).

Geyuan Garden

Boasting a high aesthetic value and the longest history among all the classical gardens in China, the Geyuan Garden is a well-preserved traditional garden.

He Garden

He Garden or Jixiao Mountain Resort is located at Xuningmen Street, near the Yangzhou ancient canal. It is a national cultural relics protection site and a 4A-level tourist attraction.

Yangzhou Museum

The Yangzhou Dual Museum (Yangzhou Chinese Block Printing Museum and Yangzhou Museum) represents a confluence of Yangzhou's traditional culture and modern civilization.

Zhuyuwan Scenic Spot

The Zhuyuwan Scenic Spot boasts a large area of afforestation and various plants, which amazes visitors with its outstanding natural beauty.

Song Jia City Sports & Leisure Park

The Song Jia City Sports and Leisure Park, integrating natural landscapes, physical fitness and ecological leisure, has become the favored place for tourists and local citizens to enjoy themselves.

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