Xiamen, Fujian Province

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  • Guide

    As a beautiful seaside city located on the southeast coast of China, Xiamen is one of the most competitive Chinese cities and one of the first Special Economic Zones on the mainland.

  • Industries

    The six pillar industries in Xiamen are electronics, machinery, shipping and logistics, MICE, finance and commerce as well as software and information services.

  • Industrial Parks

    The competitive parks in Xiamen including the Xiamen Export Processing Zone and the Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone boost Xiamen's economic development.

  • Enterprises

    Xiamen is home to many famous national and international brand names such as Xoceco (Prima), Amoi, XGMA, King Long, Topstar, Cheng Shin, Wish and New Wish.


The seaside city of Xiamen is a modern and international hub with competitive economic strength and emerging industrial bases.

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