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Yang Zhuang duck noodles (杨壮鸭面线 yangzhuangyamianxian)

Yang Zhuang's duck noodles are popular among local residents.

Ayang Beef Hotpot (阿杨牛肉火锅 ayangniurouhuoguo)

The soup is what makes or breaks hotpot, and this shop's soup is made from traditional Chinese medicine and ox bones.

Yiliu Steamed Soup Bun (一刘汤包 yiliutangbao)

Yiliu Steamed Soup Bun Store is quite popular in Tong'an district and throughout Xiamen.

Steamed Taro Bun (芋包 yubao)

For the older generations in Xiamen, steamed Taro Buns are an essential part of Spring Festival, similar to turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

Dried Oyster Porridge (蚝干粥 haoganzhou)

Dried Oyster Porridge (蚝干粥 haoganzhou)

Yuanxiangkou Fish Balls (原巷口鱼丸 yuanxiangkou yuwan)

Yuanxiangkou fish balls enjoy a long history, which can be dated back to 1821.

Steamed Rice Milk (油葱粿 youcongke)

Youcongke, or steamed rice milk, is one of representatives of Xiamen delicacies. Its main ingredients are polished round-grained rice and various other seasonings.

Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame (炸枣 zhazao)

Fried glutinous rice balls with sesame, or known as zhazao in Fujian province and matuan for the regions south of the Yangtze River, is a delicious snack in Xiamen. 

Shrimp noodles (虾面 xiamian)

There is a saying that goes, to live on what mountains can provide if you live at the foot of a mountain and on what the sea can offer if you live beside a sea.

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