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Wuxi Jinling Hotel

Jinling Hotel is located in the downtown area of Wuxi, near the Zhongshan Road business district, Chong'an Temple business district and Zhanqian commercial and trade zone.

Wuxi Hubin Hotel

Hubin Hotel in Lihu Lake scenic area is a five-star hotel with the longest history in Wuxi. It is located in the center of Taihu Scenic Area.

Landison Square Hotel Wuxi

In the lobby, the reception table is the perfect extension of the huge Chinese painting on the wall and the Jade Phoenix sculpture in the center represents the inheritance of Wu Culture.

Sheraton Wuxi Binhu Hotel

Settled in Wuxi in 2010, Sheraton Wuxi Binhu Hotel enjoys an advantageous location. In the lofty lobby, the large golden plum blossom print is set off by the giant round crystal lamps.

Radisson Blu Resort Wetland Park Wuxi

The hotel has 196 rooms in a three-layer garden-style villa. On a spring afternoon, you may stand on the balcony and watch the ducks swimming in the pond in the courtyard.

Kempinski Hotel Wux

It is probably the best hotel in Wuxi. Although no refurbishment has been made since it was put into operation in 2007, the hotel still looks fresh and stylish.

InterContinental Hotel Wuxi

Red is Chinese people's favorite color. The large area of red, tall and straight bamboo, and blooming azalea make a flourishing picture in the lobby of the hotel.

Double Tree Resort by Hilton Hotel Wuxi-Lingshan

It is the first resort hotel established by DoubleTree of Hilton in Asia. It is located by Taihu Lake and at the foot of the Lingshan Giant Buddha. The guestrooms stand along the lake and are connected by a winding path.

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