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Lashan National Forest Park

Home of Dongping Lake, the second largest freshwater lake in all of Shandong, this area is famous for an uprising lead by Songjiang during the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

Dawenkou Museum

Built at the base of the Dawenkou archeological site, the museum showcases relics from the Dawenkou culture, which existed from 4300 BC to 2500 BC during the Neolithic Age.

Yu Huang Peak

Also known as the Peak of the Jade Emperor, this is the highest spot on Mount Tai. Here, you will see the temple where Emperors and millions of people have come to pray to heaven.

Site Where Confucius Starting Climbing Mount Tai

To the north of the Yitian Gate of Mt. Tai stands a stone memorial archway with an inscription reading the "Site Where Confucius Started Climbing the Mountain."

Azure Cloud Temple

Located at the mountaintop, Azure Cloud Temple was built to commemorate the Goddess Azure Cloud of Mount Tai. The temple consists of a group of magnificent and well-designed buildings. It is the masterpiece of all the buildings in the mountains.

Qi Great Wall Scenic Area

The Qi Great Wall, one of the four oldest great walls in China, has a history of more than 2,400 years. It winds its way for 618.9 kilometers through the center of Shandong province.

Karst cave

A crustal movement millions of years ago created a rift valley between Mount Tai and Mount Zulai, as well as a huge Karst cave consisting of the largest variety of stalactites in the world.

Colorful Stones Brook

The stones make it look as if it had been dyed into multicolored bands. If you are lucky, you can also see red fish. The stones of this brook are made from rocks that come from the remains of amphibolites with white and bottle-green bands.

The Immortal Bridge

The Immortal Bridge is composed of three huge rocks. Underneath it is a valley and to the south is a bottomless abyss.

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