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Shenzhen has created a number of excellent theme parks which entertain while teaching visitors about China and the world.


Located in south China, Shenzhen is a city with very convenient transportation, and is near to Hong Kong.


Before you start exploring the amazing city of Shenzhen, make sure that you have booked a hotel. Here is the information of some of Shenzhen's best hotels.


Shenzhen's gastronomic delicacies are a reflection of its population - a smorgasbord of authentic cuisines from the provinces of China.


As a fast developing metropolis, Shenzhen has a good selection of department stores and shopping centers, where everything from basic commodities to high-quality brands can be found.

Travel Agencies

Travelers in Shenzhen are able to choose travel agencies as they need.


Shenzhen is a wonderful city to visit and the following tips will help you better explore the city.

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