Theme tour 5: Seek inner peace

The route to seek inner peace in Shenyang

Theme tour 6: Go on an adventure at Shenyang's amusement parks

The route to go on an adventure at Shenyang’s amusement parks

Theme tour 7: Explore extraordinary sites in Shenyang

The route to explore extraordinary sites in Shenyang

Theme tour 8: Dive into a sea of knowledge

The route to dive into a sea of knowledge in Shenyang

Theme tour 9: Experience Shenyang's comedy culture

The route to experience Shenyang’s comedy culture

Shenyang embraces best bird-watching season

Entering March, Shenyang becomes an important spot for migratory birds in northeast Asia, ushering in the "best season for bird-watching". 

Recommended Shenyang winter tourist trails

Shenyang in Northeast China's Liaoning province is the ideal winter destination, offering a host of attractions and activities to entice visitors to the city.

Entertainment in Shenyang

Entertainment facilities at Shenyang.

Historic tour in Shenyang

Enjoy a historic tour in Shenyang.

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