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Shenyang Mozi Mountain Sculpture Park

Located in Hunnan district of Shenyang, in Northeast China’s Liaoning province, Shenyang Mozi Mountain Sculpture Park showcases a total of 37 sculptures fashioned by some of the country’s renowned sculptors.

Baiqingzhai Rafting Resort

Located in the Changbai Mountains and taking advantage of the area's abundant water resources, Baiqingzhai Rafting Resort is known as "the number one white-water rafting resort in Shenyang".

Shenyang Tanbo Art Farm

Shenyang Tanbo Art Farm is composed of a tanbo art viewing area and leisure display area. With the concept of natural ecology, it aims to create an ecological paddy field integrating primitive farming and livestock breeding with eye-popping art.

Bird Island

Bird Island is currently the only natural ecological bird watching center in Shenyang, Liaoning province. It is also called Ganhezi Island, located inside Qipan Mountain Scenic Area.

Guandong Movie & TV Town

Guandong Movie & TV Town is the only studio city in China showcasing Guandong's style and features during the early 20th century, integrating film shooting, tourism, sightseeing, culture, education, and business together.

Rime walk in Liaoning

Discovering rime scenery in Liaoning.

Winter fishing in Liaoning

The special winter fishing in Liaoning.

Landscape photography in Liaoning

Take landscape photography in Liaoning province.

Hot springs in Liaoning

The famous hot springs in Liaoning.

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