Shanxi - a passionate journey to the Yellow River

For China, an area as large as 640,000 square kilometers around the upper and middle reaches of the Yellow River is known as Huangtu Plateau, with altitudes between 1,000 and 1,800 meters.

Pingyao: A walk through historic China

Bruce Connolly, a reporter from UK, told his travelling stories in Pingyao, one of China's classic and best-preserved walled towns, in Shanxi province in 2016.

Winter springs make Shanxi hot tourist destination

Apart from many cultural relics sites, Shanxi province is also known for its inviting hot springs which can be found all over the region.

Going deep, rising high

Ningwu's ice cave, cliff-side village and hanging tombs are attracting a growing number of visitors.

Area shines after sunset

By day, the ancient city of Pingyao is a bustling hub of shops, restaurants and bars within its city walls. Our tour group joined torrents of tourists, Buddhist monks and nuns visiting Wutai Mountain temples despite torrents of rain.

Discovering Shanxi

You've seen the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Terracotta Warriors and, sure, they're fantastic and all that, but, you're looking for something more and feel like there's something missing.

A province packed with treasures

My first trip to the Chinese mainland was very short, less than a day, but those few hours in Shenzhen still taught me a lot about the country.

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