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Dim Sum Time

Dim Sum Time is a themed restaurant paying tribute to the beloved Japanese manga series Crayon Shin-chan, in Changning district, Shanghai.

Crab Shell Cake

This dish got its name from its crab-like shape and yellow color. It is a mixture of sweet and salty and is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Soaked rice in vegetable soup

For Shanghai locals, soaked rice in water or soup is a nostalgic sensation reminding diners of when times were hard.

Rice wine soya beans

The secret to soya beans lies in the rice wine, which is made by steaming and filtering millet wine with osmanthus, sugar and salt in.

Scallion noodles with dried shrimp meat

This is a type of chewy noodle soaked in hot decocted scallion oil with tasty dried shrimps.

Tiaotougao (Sticky rice cake bars)

Tiaotougao is a kind of sticky rice cake bar, a sweet dessert made with sticky rice flour, together with red bean paste as the stuffing and sugar osmanthus on top.

Duck Blood Soup

Don't get frightened by the name, the jelly-like duck blood requires delicate skill to make, as a proper amount of sodium citrate needs to be added evenly to the blood before cold storage.

Vegetarian Steamed Buns

Have you ever bit into a fluffy, savory, steamed bun with juicy vegetables inside?

Stir-fried field snails

The dish is usually served as a culinary delight typical to the Yangtze River Delta region during the summer solstice, as summer is a great time to enjoy the field snails commonly found in the area.

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