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Malu Grape Art Village

The Malu Grape Art Village is a new type of rural tourism village combining the exhibition of featured agricultural products with rural delicacies, entertainment, and the opportunity to experience rural life.

Shanghai Gulf Forest Park

The Shanghai Gulf Forest Park, built in 1999, is a national ecological tourism demonstration zone and one of Shanghai's four national forest parks.

China Maritime Museum

The China Maritime Museum was the first national maritime museum approved by the State Council.

Shanghai Happy Valley

Shanghai Happy Valley is part of a corporate brand that also includes Shenzhen Happy Valley, Beijing Happy Valley and Chengdu Happy Valley.

Shanghai World Financial Center Observatory

The Shanghai World Financial Center Observatory was authenticated by Guinness World Records on its first anniversary.

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town, located in Qingpu district, enjoys a favorable location.

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