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Hello Kitty Shanghai Times

Hello Kitty Shanghai Times was launched by property developer Shimao Group and Japanese animation powerhouse Sanrio.

Shanghai Sculpture Park

The Shanghai Sculpture Park, sponsored by Cao Rizhang, President of Taiwan-based ChinPaoSan Group, covers a total of 1,300 mu (86.7 hectares) and combines natural scenery with modern landscaping art.

Zhouqiao Scenic Spot

Zhouqiao Scenic Spot is located at the center of Jiading town and is filled with old alleys that boast a lot of ancient architecture.

Shanghai Urban Vegetable Garden

The Shanghai Urban Vegetable Garden, covering an area of 5,000 mu (333 hectares), is a national agricultural tourism demonstration zone and a municipal science popularization and education center.

Changfeng Park·Changfeng Ocean World

Changfeng Park, built in 1956, covers a total area of 366,000 square meters, of which the water occupies an area of 143,000 square meters.

Chongming Qianwei Ecological Village

The Qianwei Ecological Village, located on Chongming Island, China's third largest island, covers 3.6 square kilometers and is known for its fresh air, clean water, and immaculate environment.

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