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Shanghai Fengxian to expand cosmetic industrial park

Updated: Apr 09, 2019 Print

Fengxian district, Shanghai, is to expand the scale of its cosmetic industrial park, Oriental Beauty Valley, by establishing more parks in the area. The project kicked off recently.

Previously a total area of 265.3 square kilometers was earmarked for such construction, which seems barely enough.

Starting from last year, the suburban district began work to sort out space available for further development and has since zeroed in on 7.3 square kilometers of land.

The land will be used to build 100 minor parks in the Oriental Beauty Valley in three years, with 20 to be initiated within the year.

The beauty and health industry, intelligent and connected vehicle parts as well as other emerging industries will be the focus of these new parks.

The parks, which are complexes that integrate industry, city, culture and life, have become a trend and priority. This follows the phasing out and restructuring of outdated construction units to make compound and efficient use of land.

So far, construction for two parks, Korean Cosmetics Park and Intercos Cosmetics Park, is under way. Korean Cosmetics Park, for example, has an investment of 150 million yuan (US$22.3 million) and is set to hit 250 million yuan of industrial value and 30 million yuan in taxes.

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