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Modern International Exhibition Co

Updated: Apr 04, 2019 Print

Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co, under Donghao Lansheng Group, is China's first exhibition company to acquire the ISO9000 certification. It is a professional exhibition organizer under the Shanghai World Expo Group and an official member of the UFI (Global Association of the Exhibition Industry).

Devoted to promoting the exchange of trade, science, and technology at home and abroad, the company boasts numerous influential national and international exhibitions, such as the International Construction Material & Indoor Decoration Expo, Energy-saving and Advanced Wall Material Expo, Printing and Packing Industry Exhibition, Corrugated Carton and Converting Industry Expo, and Shanghai International Biotech Pharm-Tech Exhibition.



As an outstanding designer and organizer of exhibitions, the company has been trusted by the central and local governments to undertake many large-scale international events, such as the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Sino-France Culture Year: Journées de Shanghai, and the China Hall of Shanghai Week.

The company is looking forward to cooperate with both domestic and foreign enterprises. Its business scope covers exhibition organization, meeting arrangements, visitor reception, commercial advertisement, customs declaration, venue decoration, wholesale and retail for exhibit equipment, and more.

Add: 8 Shengze Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai


Tel: +86-021-63288899

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