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Shibei Hi-Tech Industrial Park

Updated: Mar 01, 2019 Print


The logo of Shibei Hi-Tech Industrial Park is seen in Jing'an district, Shanghai.  [Photo/]

Established in 1992 as a part of Zhangjiang Innovation Demonstration Zone, Shibei Hi-Tech Industrial Park has become an important powerhouse behind much of Shanghai's innovative development and a pilot base for China's Yangtze River Economic Belt Strategy.

Shibei Hi-Tech Industrial Park covers an area of 3.31 square kilometers in the northern part of downtown Shanghai. It is less than eight kilometers from People's Square, about 20 kilometers from Hongqiao Airport and about 48 kilometers from Pudong Airport.


Shibei Hi-Tech Industrial Park houses the regional headquarters for 19 multinationals. [Photo/]

As the only large-scale big data base in Shanghai, the zone is home to over 150 cloud computing enterprises and plenty of start-up companies. 

According to official statistics in the first half of 2018, the business revenue of registered enterprises totaled 100.6 billion yuan ($15.04 billion) and generated about 6 billion yuan in tax.

Shibei Hi-Tech Industrial Zone boasts exceptional talent resources in Jing'an district. Nearby universities include Shanghai Foreign Studies University, Fudan University, Shanghai University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

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