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Application of mainland residence card for HK, Macao and Taiwan residents

Updated: Sep 18, 2018 Print

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents who have lived on the Chinese mainland for more than six months are eligible to apply for a mainland residence card from September 1. The following is an application guide for those living in Shanghai.

Application materials:

(1) Valid mainland travel permit;

(2) Proof of residential address in Shanghai, including house rental contract, property ownership certificate, house purchasing contract, or documents issued by landlords, employers, or schools;

(3) Proof of employment including an industrial and commercial business license, a labor contract, documents issued by employers, or other materials able to prove that the applicant has a legal and stable job;

(4) Proof of studying in Shanghai, including student ID card, or other materials issued by the school to prove the applicant studies there.

Application sites:

A total of 25 sites are available to apply for the residence card across Shanghai.


Application procedure:

(1) Go to the designated places in the district where the applicants lives to take a photo for the residence card;

(2) Hand over the mainland travel permit for examination;

(3) Submit the required application materials;

(4) Information registration, and residential address check;

(5) Submit fingerprints;

(6) Choose a way to receive the card;

(7) Print out the Residence Card Application Acceptance Registration Form, and sign it after confirming the information is correct;

(8) Obtain the resident card.

Approval period: 20 working days

Pickup methods:

Two options are offered for applicants to receive residence cards.

(1) Go to the application site for pick up;

(2) Delivered by EMS. The postage of 15 yuan ($2.17) for each card will be charged.

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