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Beat the heat: chilling out at Shanghai bookstores

Updated: Sep 05, 2018 Print

Bookstores are the ideal place to escape the heatwave while catching up on the latest reads. Here is a rundown of the top places to check out in Shanghai's Yangpu district this summer.

1. Momicafe


Momicafe in Yangpu, Shanghai [Photo/WeChat account: shanghaitourism]

Popular with students, white collar workers and young culture buffs, Momicafe is a book and stationery store, cafe and creative culture hub all rolled into one.

Visitors can find books on travel, arts and literature as well as creatively-designed gear like notebooks and postcards.

A particular highlight of this haunt is the "Mail to the Future" service, where you can send a message to your future self. Just hand it in and let staff know when you'd like to receive it.

Address: 70 Daxue Road, Yangpu district, Shanghai

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