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Zhouqiao Scenic Spot

Updated: Apr 27, 2018 Print

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Zhouqiao Scenic Spot. [Photo/Wechat: jiadingfabu]

Zhouqiao Scenic Spot is located at the center of Jiading town and is filled with old alleys that boast a lot of ancient architecture. Some of the scenic spots most attractive features are the meandering rivers forded by historical bridges. The area is also home to 12 significant historical sites popular with tourists, including Jiading Confucius Temple, Huilongtan Park, Qiuxia Garden, and Fahua Pagoda. Zhouqiao Scenic Spot lays claim to seven ancient bridges, with the most famous being Denglong Bridge, also known by local residents as Zhouqiao Bridge.

Grade: AAAA

Address: Jiading town, Jiading district, Shanghai


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