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Shanghai World Financial Center Observatory

Updated: Apr 27, 2018 Print

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Shanghai World Financial Center Observatory [Photo/]

The Shanghai World Financial Center Observatory was authenticated by Guinness World Records on its first anniversary. It holds the record as the highest observation deck in the world. The 100th floor (478 meters) of the observatory features a special 50-meter-long glass floor. It welcomes guests from all over the world who wish to experience a spectacular bird's-eye-view of Shanghai.

It has 101 floors in total and a total building area of 381,600 square meters. The inspiration for the building's basic shape comes from some ancient Chinese artifacts known as the yubi and yucong. The building has a sleek glass and metallic exterior, allowing visitors to enjoy the building's changing appearance based on the weather and light. The circular hole at the top of the building, with a diameter of 50 meters, in conjunction with the design of the Oriental Pearl Television Tower viewed from afar, creates a "moon gate" design, inspired by traditional Chinese architecture to reflect East Asian culture's conception of heaven and earth.

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