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Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel

Updated: Apr 25, 2018 Print

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Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel [Photo/]

Located at the busy commercial zone of North Sichuan Road, the luxury five-star Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel enjoys an easy access to major business and entertainment facilities of the city. With only ten minutes' drive to the Bund and Lujiazui Financial District, the hotel is an ideal choice for business trips and vocations.

The 39-storey hotel is characteristic of an artistic flavor, as it houses over 1000 modern art exhibits including 30 from leading Chinese contemporary artists. It also features top facilities and services, such as 471 spacious guest rooms and suites equipped with high-end Sheraton beds, an elegant club lounge, multiple exotic restaurants serving international favorites, two grand ballrooms and 11 multifunctional halls for all kinds of conferences and celebrations, as well as a comprehensive fitness center and a distinctive spa center.

Address: No 59 Siping Road, Hongkou district, Shanghai

Tel: +9501 3760 8818


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