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Onehome Art Hotel, Shanghai

Updated: Apr 25, 2018 Print

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Onehome Art Hotel, Shanghai [Photo/]

A world-renowned five-star art hotel in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, Onehome Art Hotel, Shanghai boasts over 500 art works from 121 artists and designers exhibited in the entire hotel, offering guests a wonderful experience as if in a gallery.

The hotel features 319 artistic and modern guest rooms including 20 suites themed with art masters such as Picasso and Andy Warhol, all equipped with art works and books. Its four distinctive restaurants serve guests with creative Chinese, Japanese and western delicacies, among which the Jingtailan Museum Restaurant is the nation’s first, where guests feel like dining in a museum. The hotel also provides two grand ballrooms for conferences and banquets, as well as an art library, an art business center and a bicycle club.

Address: No 2299 Zuchongzhi Road, Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Tel: +400 699 8818


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