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Hotel Nikko Shanghai

Updated: Apr 24, 2018 Print

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Hotel Nikko Shanghai [Photo/]

The first five-star Nikko hotel in this city, Hotel Nikko Shanghai enjoys an advantageous location in the golden area of Puxi, Shanghai, close to the Jing'An Business District and Shanghai Exhibition Center, and takes only 20 minutes to drive to the Hongqiao International Airport and Hongqiao Railway Station.

Designed by Lian Zicheng, a famous architect from Taiwan, the hotel presents a simple and modern style with pure colors, concise lines and clear layers of space. It features 382 deluxe guest rooms of nine different styles, an executive lounge with a panoramic view of the city, three restaurants serving authentic Chinese and Japanese cuisines plus two distinctive bars, and comprehensive entertainment facilities including a Nikko fitness center, an indoor pool and a spa center. For conferences and banquets, it offers a grand ballroom and seven multifunctional meeting rooms.

Address: No 488 West Yan'an Road, Shanghai

Tel: +86 21 3211 9999


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