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The Peninsula Shanghai

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The Peninsula Shanghai [Photo/]

Opened in 2009 by HongKong and Shanghai Hotels Limited, the luxury five-star Peninsula Shanghai is the Bund's only one architecture newly-built over the past seven decades. With an elegant and comfortable interior design, first-class facilities and international-level services, it was voted by readers of Travel + Leisure as Shanghai's top hotel in 2017.

It features 235 high-end guest rooms and suites with a beautiful river view and top amenities, and is the only one hotel in mainland China that boasts two Michelin-star restaurants. The hotel also offers a five-star spa center rated by the famous Forbes Travel Guide, a grand ballroom and four well-appointed meeting rooms perfect for conferences, banquets and weddings. Additional highlights include a customized luxury fleet that is unique in Shanghai and a Peninsula Academy organizing fun activities.

Address: No 32 East Zhongshan 1 Road, Shanghai

Tel: +86 21 2327 2888


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