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Shanghai Oriental Land

Updated: Apr 18, 2018 Print

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Shanghai Oriental Land [Photo/]

Shanghai Oriental Land, situated in Qingpu District, is a multifunctional park integrating development training, youth social practice, team building, and tourism. Beside the beautiful Dianshan Lake, the park covers a total of 5,600 mu (373 hectares), of which 2,000 are water areas.

The park consists of eight theme areas featuring sculpture landscape, national defense education, survival challenge, scientific exploration, water sports, sports training, and living practice.

More than 30 kinds of activities are available at the park, including rock climbing, camping, and barbecue.  

Grade: AAAA

Address: No 6888 Huqingping Highway, Nanxiang Town, Qingpu district, Shanghai

Tel: 021-59233000


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