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Action Plan 2011-2013 of Shanghai Municipality for Building Smart City

Updated: Feb 07, 2013 Print

Pressing ahead with building Smart City is for Shanghai an important means of realizing "innovation-driven transformation", a major move to further put into practice "Better City, Better Life", and also the logical call of a new round of fast development of informatization. Since the 1990s, having taken the advance of informatization as a strategic measure governing entire modernization development and made consistent efforts for three consecutive five-year plan periods, Shanghai has now enjoyed a leading position in the country, with some indicators reaching the advanced level of developed countries and a batch of new technological achievements being fully shown or demonstrated at the World Expo, which has laid a foundation for building Smart City. In order to unite efforts to push forward the Smart City drive, this Action Plan is drawn based on the “Outline of the 12th Five-Year Plan for the Economic and Social Development of Shanghai”.

I. Guiding Principle, Implementation Principles, Development Objectives and Outline of Tasks

1. Guiding Principle

Insisting on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory and Important Thought of "Three Represents", further implementing the Scientific Outlook on Development, centering on the strategic objective of Shanghai to realize “leading the country in transforming the economic growth pattern, enhancing independent innovative ability, advancing reform and opening-up and building a socialist harmonious society" and to turn itself into an international economic, financial, trade, and shipping center and also a socialist modern international metropolis, and in accordance with the overall demand of "innovation-driven transformation", Shanghai will, by further carrying out a strategy with informatization playing a pioneering and driving role in development, follow the development route of improving the Internet broadband and intelligent application level, build an information infrastructure system of international level, a convenient and highly effective information sensing and intelligent application system, an innovative new generation of IT industry system and a credible and reliable regional information security protection system. It will give full play to market mechanism and enterprises, attach importance to government guidance, improve market supervision, vigorously promote the building of future-oriented Smart City carrying mainly digital, network and intelligent features, so as to raise the city’s all-round modernization level and let the citizens share the benefits offered by Smart City.

2. Implementation Principles

(1) Building a Solid Foundation and Proceeding Step by Step

Giving prominence to raising the level of information infrastructure facilities and prioritizing the laying of a solid foundation for smart application, strengthening unified planning, standardizing management, increasing input and enhancing building intensity; promoting sustained Smart City building through phased development and rolling implementation.

(2) Pursuing Innovative Development and Benefiting the People's Life

With a view to promoting the transformation of economic development pattern and improving the people's livelihood, vigorously promoting the innovative development of technology, application, management, system and mechanism, exploring new patterns, fostering new trades, steadily improving the efficiency of city operation and public service level, promoting the coordinated economic and social development, and letting the broad masses of residents and the businesses really enjoy the benefits and convenience brought about by Smart City.

(3) Giving Prominence to Priorities and Focusing on Projects

Centering on such key areas as economic development, city operation, social management and public service, emphasizing clear aim, actual results and operational feasibility, and focusing on public, basic, innovation demonstrative projects and those require coordination, stressing phase targets and building pace, and accelerating the in-depth application of IT in various areas of urban development.

(4) Municipality and Districts in Coordination and Key Projects as Examples

The municipal and district governments working in coordination, with support given to the districts and county for trial projects, speeding up progress in key fields, areas and projects which will play an exemplary role, and promoting facility improvement, application penetration and industrial development.

(5) Government Providing Guidance and Businesses Acting as Main Players

Strengthening government guidance through planning, developing policies, laws and regulations, laying down standards, improving market supervision, creating a just and orderly market environment; giving full play to the basic role of market in resource allocation and sticking to demand orientation and with the businesses as the main body, and creating a favorable environment for the whole society to take part in building Smart City.

3. Development Objectives

By the end of 2013, Shanghai will have taken on a new aspect in building Smart City with leaping infrastructure level, prominent demonstrative and spurring-on effect, remarkable rise in effect of application at key areas and projects, breakthroughs in key technologies, international level of the relevant sectors, and controllable information security, thus laying a solid foundation for attaining the planning goals set in the 12th Five-Year Plan, that is, for the city to maintain its lead in the country in the overall level of informatization and rank in the internationally advanced. The above will be embodied in the following:

- Basic Completion of Broadband City and Wireless City

Fiber to the home will cover all homes in the urbanized areas, with 100Mbps access capacity provided and 20Mbps for homes on average and a wireless broadband network featuring multiple layers, wide coverage and multiple hot spots. The international and domestic portal bandwidth of the Internet will reach 1Tbps and 5Tbps respectively. The State's trial of converging three networks of telecom, broadcasting and the Internet will be accomplished. All the above means the city can provide to users broadband service at any time and place according to their needs, thus becoming a most competitive region in the country in terms of telecom quality, broadband width and service level.

- Initial Effect in the Efficiency of Information Sensing and Intelligent Application

All people will have electronic health file, important food safety information will be traceable, grid-based management will basically cover the whole city, real-time traffic information can be obtained from multiple channels, IT will be applied throughout the management, production and operation process of the businesses, the integrated informatization and industrialization index will reach 80, and e-business volume will come to RMB 850 billion annually. Basically, the application will give rise to a new pattern featuring personalized public service, refined city management, convenient government service and intelligent industrial development.

- New Generation of IT Giving Powerful Backing to Smart City Building

By 2013, the information industry will reach a scale of RMB 1,280 billion, with its service sector generating a value added accounting for 6.2% of the city’s GDP. Some areas like integrated circuit, telecom and network equipment and cloud computing will approach the international advanced level. Innovation ability will greatly improve, resulting in the mastering of a batch of key and core technologies and the birth of a host of internationally competitive businesses dynamic in innovation. The city will be built into a leading place for the innovation of a new generation of IT and one for industry clusters in the country, thus becoming a leader in the development of modern information service sector.

- Credible, Reliable and Controllable Information Security

Information security protection level will rise considerably and cyber space governance, comprehensive supervision and emergency handling ability will clearly grow, and information security awareness of all the people will increase, which will lay a foundation for building the city into a leader in information security service in the country.

4. Outline of Tasks

In the next three years, centering on building an information infrastructure system of international level and through government planning and guidance, the city will encourage the relevant businesses to carry out five special projects, namely, broadband city, wireless city, telecom hub, three-network convergence and functional facilities, and three key tasks of perfecting planning system, standardizing building management and strengthening mechanism, so as to raise its level of information infrastructure. Centering on building a convenient and highly efficient information sensing and intelligent application system, it will push forward as priorities eight special projects, namely, urban construction management, city operation security, smart traffic management, social endeavors and public service, e-government, information resource development and utilization, promoting the building of an economic, financial, trade and shipping center and deep integration of informatization and industrialization, in an effort to remarkably enhance the level of city operation management, economic development, public service and people’s living quality. Centering on building an actively innovative new generation of IT industry system and with the enterprises acting as the main players, it will implement as priorities eight special projects, that is, cloud computing, Internet of things, TD-LTE, high-end software, integrated circuit, next generation network (NGN), Internet of vehicles, and information service, with emphasis put on technological research and development, demonstration and application and industrial development. Centering on building a credible and reliable city information security protection system, it will organize and execute three special projects and three key tasks to ensure that information security will be controllable.

II. Information Infrastructure

Giving full play to the role of telecom and radio and television carriers as the main force and in accordance with the principle of "planning guidance, intensive development, resource sharing, standardized management, satisfying needs and appropriately ahead of the times" and with enhancing information infrastructure service level and general service level as the main line, increasing input, strengthening the information network’s bearing capacity, the comprehensive utilization ability of facilities and resources and the attracting and covering ability of information and telecom; strengthening information infrastructure planning and building management, promoting improvement in mechanism and model innovation, and satisfying the demand of the residents, businesses and institutions for better telecom quality and service level.

1. Special Projects

Special Project One: Broadband City

Speeding up the building of optical broadband network and NGB; achieving full coverage of all the urbanized areas; remarkably raising the level of infrastructure facilities; building the largest optical broadband and NGB city network in the country; and basically completing broadband city.

- Optical Broadband Network

Applying the standards of providing optical broadband access to all the apartments for newly-built residential quarters, and speeding up the renovation to provide such access for the existing residential quarters and buildings. Optical to the home capacity will cover more than 6.5 million homes in all.


Completing NGB network renovation for 4.9 million cable TV users and accomplishing the migration to digital TV from cable TV for 1.8 million suburban users.

Special Project Two: Wireless City

Building city-wide wireless broadband network featuring multiple layers, wide coverage and multiple hot spots, and basically completing wireless city.

- WLAN Hot Spots

Vigorously carrying out WLAN construction at public places and service facilities throughout the city, 22,000 in total (about 130,000 AP); achieving a coverage rate of over 80% of the city's important public places and facilities and providing broadband access of up to 20 Mbps, leading the country in both coverage intensity and quality.

- 3G Network

Perfecting the three 3G networks, enhancing the capability of providing wireless broadband data business, and basically realizing wireless broadband coverage of over 1Mbps across the city and over 3 Mbps for the central districts, suburban new towns and central towns.

- TD-LTE Scale Technology Experiment Network

Completing the construction of state TD-LTE scale technology experiment network and next striving for coverage of the central districts and part of the suburban towns; taking the lead in putting TD-LTE into commercial operation among all the cities in the country.

Special Project Three: Telecom Hub Construction

Maintaining the city’s lead in the portal capacity of metro access network in the country, with seabed optical cable telecom volume accounting for over 50% of the country’s total, further improving telecom relay ability, enhancing ability to deliver service to the whole country and the neighboring countries and regions, and actively building the city into an Asia-Pacific telecom hub.

- Seabed Optical Cable System

Accomplishing new seabed optical cable's landing in Shanghai, pushing forward the capacity expansion of existing seabed optical cables, and striving for a gross capacity of 10Tbps of all the seabed optical cables landing in the city.

- International & Domestic Internet Portal Capacity Expansion and Inter-connection

Strengthening international and domestic telecom system construction, with international and domestic portal bandwidth reaching 1Tbps and 5Tbps respectively; encouraging basic telecom carriers to have more direct inter-network connection and enhance their ability to have inter-connection and inter-operability with other network carriers.

Special Project Four: Trial of the Convergence of Three Networks

Accomplishing the State trial task of tri-network integration, and, in the process, achieving a leading position in the country in basic infrastructure level, business scale, operation management model, application service level and key industries; and letting the residents fully share the achievements brought about by the convergence.

- Management Platform

Basically completing the integrated broadcasting control platform for IPTV, mobile phone TV and so on, improving relevant business operations and functions, ensuring connection with the relevant State platforms.

- Trial Operations

Carrying forward such trials as Internet access based on IPTV, mobile phone TV and cable TV networks, promoting the application of integrated operations covering multi-screen interaction, HD television, interactive recreations and intelligent home life, and exploring innovative management and business models.

- Business Bases

Stepping up the building of multi-screen and interaction platform of China Telecom Video and Communication Operational Center covering mobile phone, computer and TV and achieving inter-application of multi-terminal equipment; pushing forward the building of new China Mobile Video Products Innovation Base, developing new mobile phone video operations and new user-end products, and promoting the integration of video operations; pressing ahead with building the China Unicom Mobile Phone Application Shop Operational Base, improving operational management platform and developing multiple application functions, consolidating content resources and developing new business operation patterns.

Special Project Five: Functional Facilities

Building domestically leading and internationally first-class functional infrastructure facilities for service, taking the lead in the country to deploy commercial cloud computing data center of scale and super computing mainframe system that ranks in the forefront of the world in computing speed, which will render a basic backing to the development of value-added network operations such as storage, disaster preparation, high performance computing and high precision positioning service, and meet the needs of the economic and social development of Shanghai and its neighbouring areas.

- Internet Data Center (IDC)

Going for both centralized and scale IDC deployment, boosting high-end business operations including cloud computing and virtual storage, and striving for 20,000 or more of body frames in all the IDCs in the city.

- Super Computing Center, Phase IV

Strengthening the cooperation between Ministries and Shanghai Municipality, introducing super computing mainframe system that is in the front rank internationally, constructing corresponding operational base and auxiliary facilities, and steadily improving application service level and expanding application service areas.

- High-precision Positioning Service Platform

Based on Shanghai GPS comprehensive information network, completing the construction and renovation of multiple stations compatible with BeiDou (Compass) Navigation Satellite System, GPS and GLONASS; building Shanghai regional CROS wireless broadcasting platform and high precision positioning service platform, and conducting multi-position application service.

III. Information Sensing and Intelligent Application

With user’s needs as orientation, bringing into play government guidance, actively encouraging extensive participation by all social circles; elevating service level with importance attached to the key areas, expediting new technology applications, stressing information sharing and in-depth digging, pushing for intelligent application in such priority areas as information sensing, operational coordination and system integration, popularizing new technology, trades and models through the work of application demonstration, in order to realize safer city operation, better coordinated economic development, more efficient government administration, better public service and more convenient life for the citizens.

Special Project One: City Construction Management

Centering on the key and weak points, using advanced, reliable and suitable IT and innovative management concepts and strengthening inter-department data consolidation and professional coordination in facility maintenance and construction project management to further elevate the level of refined and intelligent management of urban construction.

Extending application of grid-based management system. Extending the areas under the grid-based management to the suburban districts and county with a combined 600 sq km of urbanized area, and lowering management gravity to the level of the sub-district and towns. Building and improving professional grid-based management systems such as water management, city greening and municipal management. Improving construction market management information platform and achieving information flow and sharing among the administration departments. Building underground space management information platform, and conducting the demonstration application of comprehensive underground management and underground construction risk control. Conducting trial application of Intelligent Water Network, establishing Intelligent Suzhou Creek Supervision System, planning for and constructing a sensing system for Intelligent Water Network. Applying the demonstration of Smart Grid and building Shanghai into a Smart Grid demonstration city.

Special Project Two: City Operation Safety

Centering on the key areas in city operation and with information sharing and operational coordination as a basis, gradually realizing seamless connection of all management links, reducing repetitive checks and management loopholes, and improving government supervision level and service ability.

Establishing platform for food safety supervision and information service and gradually realizing full sharing of food supervision information. Building safe production comprehensive management information system (Phase II), and establishing a multi-department comprehensive supervision informatization system. Building intelligent fire control platform, and realizing the dynamic collection of information and realizing unified dispatch throughout the city. Building early-warning system for disasters and enhancing the emergency dealing capability for major meteorological disasters and the derivative public safety incidents. Establishing security video resource sharing system and enhancing the utilization efficiency of the city's security video resources.

Special Project Three: Intelligent Transportation

Boosting information sharing and exchange among different sectors of the transportation industry and the role informatization plays in transportation organization, operation and management; constructing an intelligent transportation framework based on road transportation, with public transit as the core and inter-city transportation as the extension, and providing the general public, transportation carriers and government departments with comprehensive information service.

Building road traffic information application and service platform; perfecting public transit information service system; consolidating static and dynamic data from different sectors of transportation management and further tapping the role of data in management decision making; increasing the coverage of ETC system to speed up traffic flow.

Special Project Four: Social Endeavors and Public Service

With the needs of the city residents as orientation, pressing ahead with informatization of social endeavors and public service characterized by wide coverage and easy-to-use in areas that draw high attention such as education, public health and community service, so the residents will enjoy personalized service brought about by informatization.

Implementing health informatization project based on electronic health file of the residents; conducting digital education project; setting up the community service informatization platform catering mainly to the senior citizens and the disabled; building a city-wide public utilities e-bill service platform and encouraging the residents to use e-bills instead of paper bills; establishing virtual meteorological observatory and providing the residents with multiple, personalized and interactive meteorological service covering their travel, health, disaster prevention need.

Special Project Five: E-government

With a view of offering convenience to the public, narrowing digital gap and improving the Party's governing ability and the government's efficiency, increasing information sharing among the Party and government departments, boosting professional coordination in their work, optimizing service forms and channels, and delivering more convenient public service.

Building and perfecting online Party-building service platform; establishing service platform for talent management; building e-document management work platform; improving online administrative approval service platform and achieving 100% of joint online handling and approval process; in accordance with the State regulations and standards, constructing the second generation social security card system; continuing the barrier-free renovation of government websites and making it more convenient for the people with eye disabilities to visit the government websites; gradually consolidating the service hot lines of the government departments and establishing a resident service hot line; building a supervision platform for the collectively-owned funds, assets and resources in the rural areas, and realizing real-time checking, analysis and supervision of the management and operation of the collectively-owned funds, assets and resources; improving the community affairs acceptance and coordinative handling system and enhancing convenience and transparency in the process; setting up a unified online legal person ID authentication system and providing unified ID authentication service for those legal persons who run their matters online at different departments and professional systems.

Special Project Six: Information Resource Development and Utilization

With intensive collection, full sharing and orderly development of resources as an objective, vigorously promoting the sharing and utilization of administrative information resources, improving an information resource system integrating both centralization and distribution, encouraging professional coordination in the key areas based on information sharing, exploring ways and mechanisms for social utilization of government affairs information resources, and raising the information resource development and utilization level.

Building legal person information sharing and application system (Phase II), achieving effective sharing of legal person information, and gradually offering to the whole society service of consultation for legal person information; building a public service platform for the sharing of space and geographic information to provide comprehensive one-stop geographic information service including information browsing, searching and retrieving, information loading and system development; establishing information resource catalogue system and promoting the social utilization of public information resources and the development of the information service industry; establishing small & medium businesses credit service platform and delivering to the general public convenient services including small & medium businesses’ credit information searching and retrieving, comparison and appraisal.

Special Project Seven: Promotion of the Building of "Four Centers"

With the support of the cooperation mechanism between Ministries and Shanghai Municipality and through consolidating and tapping the superior resources, building a shipping and trade public information platform, promoting the integration of e-business and traditional industries, expanding the application of e-business and promoting the construction of Shanghai into an international economic, financial, trade and shipping center.

Constructing the Shanghai International Shipping Center web portal and achieving authoritative release of shipping information, effective focusing and value added service; further intensifying e-port building and expanding trials of "making one declaration to both the customs and the inspection and quarantine authority" to benefit more businesses; building China (Shanghai) International Trade Center Platform and providing comprehensive business information service; establishing a global trade and investment operation supervision and early-warning system and providing information, supervision and early-warning service to the government, business and society for different kinds of trade and investment activities. Implementing the e-business Double Push Project, promoting third-party e-payment, building Pudong National E-business Innovation Zone, and building national e-business demonstration city.

Special Project Eight: Deep Integration of Informatization and Industrialization

Driving ahead the construction of the national level “integration of informatization and industrialization" zone, aiming at the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the development of new strategic industries, carrying forward the application and coordination of informatization in the industry chain and boosting the industry’s overall informatization ability; intensifying the construction of third-party informatization platform for overall rise in efficiency from informatization of the small & medium businesses; stepping up the Digital Parks building to enhance the overall informatization level of the businesses in the parks.

IV. New Generation of IT Industry

In implementation of the overall State arrangement to develop the strategic new industries and sticking to the integration of market orientation and government guidance and with the enterprises as the main players and the independent innovation and development of industrial chains as the main line, actively exploring new patterns and new applications, achieving the sustained development of the information industry and maintaining lead in the country; linking up with the respective major S tate projects and pushing forward the coordinative innovation of the industries, universities, research institutions and users in the new generation of IT industry including cloud computing and the Internet of things; optimizing the environment for industrial development, enhancing the penetration role of the new generation IT industry in the social and economic development, bringing along the transformation and upgrading of the traditional industry, thus providing technological and industrial support for building Smart City.

Special Project One: Cloud Computing

With independent development and application and demonstration as the priority and with Shanghai's being a cloud computing trial city in the country as an opportunity, continuing to implement the "Yunhai Program", making breakthroughs in the independent and controllable cloud computing technology, forming competitive key cloud computing technology service and overall solution. Gathering large foreign and domestic Internet businesses, exploring the building of cloud computing business models in the financial, health and cultural areas, and building Asia-Pacific cloud computing center. With the market as orientation, constructing as priorities “Financial Cloud" , "Service Cloud for the Small & Medium Businesses", "Health Cloud", "Cultural Cloud", "Community Service Cloud" and "E-government Cloud".

Bringing into play the role of "Yunhai Innovation Investment Fund" to quicken the pace of industrial innovation; encouraging cloud computing companies to move to Zhabei Cloud Computing Industry Base and Yangpu Innovation Base; constructing Yunhai Start-up Mansion and planning for building a cloud computing demonstration and experiencing center from a high starting point; with the support of Yunhai Industrial Union, strengthening information communication and professional cooperation between the upstream and downstream businesses in the cloud computing sector; making cloud computing technological standards and specifications; establishing a joint laboratory of the industry, universities, research institutions and users; on the strength of the industry, promoting institutional building and training cloud computing professionals.

Special Project Two: Internet of Things

Persisting in the development that stresses high-end, differentiation, innovation and coordination, giving to play and enhancing the supporting role of the existing telecom and radio and TV network, achieving breakthrough in the core technology, implementing application demonstration projects, innovating commercial development patterns, pushing forward the coordinative development of the Internet of things product manufacturing sector and the information service sector, bringing along the Internet of things' application market and the relative industry chains, and enhancing Shanghai's lead in the Internet of things industry in the country.

Carrying out the major State scientific and technological projects and the Internet of things project, and encouraging the businesses in the city to actively undertake the relevant tasks of the Internet of things. Further implementing the High Technology Commercialization Internet of things special project, supporting in particular the development and manufacturing of the advanced sensors, gateway chips and products, short-distance wireless telecom chips and modules, and core control equipment, and enhancing the independent innovation ability of the businesses. Advancing application demonstration, and trying to become a State pilot city for the Internet of things application and industrialization. With the research and development of core technology, application demonstration and industrial gathering as priority, speeding up the building of industrial base. Building Shanghai Internet of Things Center in Jiading, with emphasis placed on the research and development of core technology and the concentration of high-end sectors; constructing the Internet of things industrial bases in Pudong and other districts and county, with stress laid on service for product production and backstage operation; building the Internet of things application demonstration bases in Yangpu and other districts and county, with emphasis placed on application demonstration and talent training.

Special Project Three: TD-LTE

Sticking to the principle of technology leading the way, application-driven, opening and cooperation, and integration and development; advancing the construction of pilot city for the State TD-LTE scale technology experiment network; achieving breakthrough in the key technology, giving play to and enhancing Shanghai's superior strength in TD-SCDMA industrial chain and forming a complete industrial chain; shaping up through exploration TD-LTE professional innovation mechanism, and striving to turn Shanghai into TD-LTE research and development and innovation center in the country.

Implementing the major State scientific and technological special project and encouraging the businesses in the city to actively take up tasks relative to TD-LTE; organizing the implementation of High Technology Commercialization TD-LTE special project, striving for speedy breakthrough in the core technology. Enhancing the demonstrative effect, and giving special support to the backing role of TD-LTE in areas like mobile Internet, Internet of things and cloud computing; applying it first in such important areas as high-end financial and business districts, shipping business area, high-tech parks, government offices, school campuses and hospitals. Stepping up the implementation of application demonstration projects in distance medical treatment and diagnosis platform, wireless video supervision, mobile multi-media information interaction, etc; building Zhangjiang TD-LTE professional verification platform to develop, verify, demonstrate and popularize TD-LTE end-to-end solution and providing backing to TD-LTE application demonstration in the city; actively pushing ahead the building of TD-LTE industrial alliance and strengthening the mechanism for the exchange and cooperation between the carriers and businesses related to the industry chain.

Special Project Four: High-end Software

Adhering to market orientation, developing as priority basic software, industrial software, and application software for large industrial sectors, constructing public service platforms catering to the key industries, building a batch of industrial software solution providers and industrial zones, promoting the development of intelligent terminals, and shaping up internationally competitive solutions and service system. By 2013, Shanghai's software industry will generate annual business income of over RMB210 billion.

Centering on the major State scientific and technological special project, improving the technological level of the domestically made operational system, data bank, middleware and office software, forming integrated solutions for the basic software produced in the country. Constructing industrial simulation testing and verification platform, energy management service platform and embedded software research and manufacturing platform.In view of the development trend in software characterized by network, intelligence, service and credibility, giving priority support to ERP by sector, the customer relations management system, and so on, and building about 20 industrial application software solutions that will have high market share and lead the country in technology.

Special Project Five: Integrated Circuit

Sticking to the principle of coordinated development and with designing and manufacture as priority in independent development, increasing input; encouraging foreign investment (including Taiwan investment) in the packaging sector and building a packaging industry that will suit and interact with the city's integrated circuit industry chain; supporting the development of integrated circuit equipment and materials sector, making breakthrough in industrialization and commercialization. By 2013, the city's integrated circuit industry will reach a scale of RMB 85 billion and its designing sector will maintain its leading position in the country and gradually catch up with the world advanced level.

Continuing to promote the interaction of chip designing and whole set of machine, vigorously developing SoC technology, and encouraging superior companies to achieve the international mainstream level of 45-32 nanometer. Taking the opportunity of the 909 upgrading and renovation project to accelerate the building of a 12-inch wafer production line; seizing the opportunity of implementing the major State scientific and technological special project to achieve breakthroughs in major integrated circuit equipment technologies and their commercialization including the photo-etcher for packaging, through-silicon via etcher and strain-free polisher, and also making breakthrough in the highly pure raw materials.

Special Project Six: Next Generation Network

Linking up with the State plan for new generation network and sticking to the principle of leading application, unified coordination, independent innovation and controllable security, enhancing independent innovation, conducting pilot demonstration by the government and telecom carriers, and promoting the evolution of the entire upstream and downstream of the industry chain to next generation network. Constructing the next generation network industry chain that will cover such key links as system equipment, terminals, professional platform and content, possess controllable core technology and be internationally competitive.

Actively supporting the research and development and commercialization of products such as GPON that supports the IPv6 standards, OLT of EPON, and ONU, and promoting the commercialization of IMS equipment. On the strength of the telecom and radio and TV carriers, speeding up the optical network deployment and the application experiment characterized by Internet Protocol version 6; through application demonstration, bringing along the coordinated development of the relevant electronic information product manufacturing and the information service industry.

Special Project Seven: Internet of Vehicles

Sticking to the principle of application demonstration and making breakthrough in the core technology, taking advantage of the city's superior electronic information industry, achieving speedy breakthrough in the core technology, nurturing a complete Internet of vehicles industry chain, and setting up an open application service platform framework; promoting demonstrative application project construction, and expediting the development of technology and application standards.

Laying emphasis on the development of whole vehicle network system framework and powerful network software tools and the customized embedded software modules, forming vehicle-mounted service system solution for integrated wireless telecom, vehicle network distance access service, vehicle-mounted information service platform software middle-ware, making the research and development of application and products of vehicle-to-vehicle short distance communication, online whole vehicle fault diagnosis technology and intelligent navigation, and building industry chain. Forming one or two service brands in Shanghai that will comprise network operation, technical service, application service and content service as well as users and will be domestic leaders with effective business models and international influence.

Special Project Eight: Information Service

With stress placed on high-end and new service and on the attraction of headquarters and with industry optimization and environmental development as the opportunity, implementing a strategy with the development of information service industry as priority, maintaining lead in the country, becoming internationally competitive in network games and literature and a leader in domestic information service industry.

Supporting the export of original national online game products, and supporting the platform opening and business model innovation of the social networking system; encouraging the research and development of original animated cartoon products, and supporting the development of derivative products. Promoting the common development of video sharing, video live broadcasting ( VOD ) and video portal, and supporting the research and development of network audio/video content and original network audio/video content using the transmission channels of new generation mobile telecom technology and NGB. Constructing an open digital content platform, encouraging integrated solution research and development and brand building of different reading terminals and accelerating content digitization and platform service building of Shanghai-based books, newspapers and periodicals. Further strengthening the building of financial data bank, and advancing the research and development and industrialization of various kinds of economic information terminals. Targeting the daily life information sector including food & beverage, leisure & entertainment, and shopping, building daily life information platform, consumption guide platform, information transmission and commercial marketing service platform, and strengthening tourist information resource development and service.

Constructing a number of professional bases including Zizhu national network audio/ video industry base, Zhangjiang national digital publishing industry base, intelligent Dongtan data industrial park and digital interactive entertainment industrial park. Setting up professional technological support platforms for network games, network audio/video and copyright transfer. Making industrial standards for network games, e-book and e-textbook. Intensifying governance of rights infringement and piracy, and making efforts to solve the problem of rights infringement and piracy in the network.

V. Information Security Protection

Giving prominence to information security, adhering to the policy of "active and comprehensive security maintenance", making efforts to build a solid foundation for security protection, strengthening future-oriented information security studies, taking the initiative to deal with the new issues and circumstances in information security, and striving for a healthy and safe network environment, so as to ensure the synchronized planning, advance and implementation of information security and Smart City building and that information security is controllable.

Special Project One: Infrastructure Construction

Strengthening information security evaluation and authentication, unifying public infrastructure construction including network credibility system and emergency basic platform, improving the support function for information security of basic network, and enhancing the basic protection and emergency handling capability of information security.

Special Project Two: Supervision Service

Further enhancing the city's ability to monitor harmful information on the Internet and crack down on network crimes, and boosting protection of the e-government system.

Special Project Three: Industrial Support

Taking advantage of the State-level security comprehensive service platform construction to push forward the information security basic studies, tackle scientific and technological research projects and high-tech commercialization and speed up the formation of socialized information security comprehensive service system.

VI. Main Support Measures

1. Increasing Input

Setting up a financial budget input mechanism for building Smart City, enhancing the flow of the city's relevant special funds to the Smart City projects, boosting support for future-oriented, public, demonstrative, coordinative and innovative projects, ensuring the funding support for the operation and maintenance of the key projects; innovating the forms of government support in funds, and through ways of capital input, discounted loans, outsourcing service subsidies and financing guarantee, attracting private and foreign capital to the building of Smart City.

2. Optimizing Market Mechanism

Giving further play to the role of the market in resource allocation and attracting businesses of all kinds to join in project construction; improving a multi-source investment and financing mechanism, expanding financing channels and actively introducing venture capitals and private funds; encouraging financial institutions to strengthen their product and business innovation, beefing up credit support to those businesses that participate in the construction of major information infrastructure facilities and key projects; exploring an equity incentive mechanism for on-the-job scientific and technological achievements to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the scientific and technological talents for innovation and entrepreneurship.

3. Making Efforts for Scientific and Technological Innovation

Boosting scientific and technological innovation with efforts made in particular for breakthrough in the universal technologies such as network integration, broadband network and intelligent analysis and decision making. Rendering more support to the relative talents for building Smart City, introducing leadership, compound and professional talents, so as to form intelligence backing for Smart City building. Carrying forward the making and implementation of technology, application and management standards in the areas of cloud computing, Internet of things, telecom and networks. Strengthening intellectual property rights protection in the IT and industry.

4. Intensifying Pilot Demonstration

Actively striving for the support of the State for the city's trials in the relevant areas. Through pilot demonstration, achieving a leading effect; in the light of their respective local conditions, characteristics in the relevant areas and foundations, developing Smart City building trial demonstrative districts (parks, sub-districts and towns), and exploring new popularization patterns; focusing on the new generation of information technology like cloud computing and Internet of things and stepping up the building of application demonstration points and commercialization bases.

5. Perfecting Policies, Laws and Regulations

Formulating through studies policies relative to the development of new technology, applications and trades for Smart City, making detailed implementation rules and regulations for the policies of the State Council for further encouraging the development of the software industry and the integrated circuit industry, and achieving breakthrough in policies for integrated circuit tax bond and Internet service to accelerate the development of software and the integrated circuit sectors; advancing local law making in the area of informatization and losing no time in formulating rules and regulations of the city for promoting informatization; publicizing the implementation opinions on the Rules of Shanghai on the Promotion of E-commerce; and actively creating a sound policy environment for building Smart City.

6. Creating a Sound Environment

Further boosting the publicity, actively popularizing the up-to-date research achievements, products and successful application cases in building Smart City and expanding their demonstrative effect. Strengthening knowledge popularization and application training relative to building Smart City. Supporting activities such as professional forums and conferences and exhibitions, guiding the relevant businesses, social organizations, experts and scholars and the residents to participate in the building of Smart City, and forming a sound environment for the whole society to support Smart City building.

7. Conducting Statistics Evaluation

Establishing through studies a complete statistical system and social evaluation system for building Smart City, and on the strength of the professional institutions regularly conducting tracking and analysis and releasing the evaluation results. Establishing the following-up and assessment mechanisms for the coordination and implementation of the three-year Action Plan and incorporating it into the annual performance appraisal system of the relevant departments and districts and county.

8. Strengthening Organization and Leadership

Giving play to the government's leading role and pooling efforts for building Smart City. Establishing the municipal leading group for building Smart City, which will be responsible for unified deployment of the work on Smart City construction; the leading group will have under it an office that will be responsible for daily coordination and work of the Smart City. Setting up a Smart City Expert Committee and an expert policy advisory mechanism. Based on the relevant organizations, setting up Smart City Promotion Center. In accordance with their respective responsibilities, the relevant commissions, offices and bureaus will be responsible for detailed implementation of the tasks in different areas. Districts and county will set up corresponding mechanism to propel Smart City building in their respective areas under the deployment of the city.

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