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  • Hospitals

    Here is a list of Shandong's 3A-grade hospitals, the highest of China’s three-tier grading system for public hospitals.

  • Insurance

    Brief introduction about insurance companies in Shandong province.

  • Higher Education

    With a time-honored history, Shandong province boasts 145 universities and colleges. Here is a list of some famous ones among them.

  • Basic Education

    Shandong, located on the eastern coast of China, is a main gathering place for foreign visitors. Here are some of the international schools in the province.

  • Registration for mixed marriage

    Starting from April 1, 2019, people who want to register for a mixed marriage can go to the local civil affairs bureau with the required materials.


Four hot dry rock reserves found in East China

JINAN - Geological workers in East China's Shandong province have found four reserves of hot dry rock, which equal about 18.8 billion tonnes of standard coal, local authorities said Wednesday.





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