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Three Sanmenxia traditional villages to get provincial subsidy

Updated: Dec 10, 2018 Print

Three traditional villages in Sanmenxia were selected along with 47 other villages in Henan for provincial-level financial subsidies, according to news from the city's housing and urban-rural development bureau.

The three villages are Guanzhaitou village in Zhangwan town, Shanzhou district; Jiangcao village in Guandaokou town of Lushi county, and Henan village in Wulichuan town in Lushi county.

Despite all villages listed in the Traditional Villages of China and the Traditional Villages of Henan Province being able to apply for the subsidy, there are four additional requirements that must be met. Applicants need to have formulated a traditional village protection development plan or a historical and cultural village protection plan that has passed provincial review; have rich historical and cultural resources, and possess industrial development foundation or potential.

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