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Friendship Hotel

Located at No 127 Shangjie Street in the bustling downtown Quzhou, the Friendship Hotel opened on Dec 19, 1999.

Zhejiang Quzhou Guanfa Enjoy Hotel

Zhejiang Quzhou Guanfa Enjoy Hotel is a luxury hotel conforming to the five-star standards.

Qujiang Oriental Hotel

Qujiang Oriental Hotel was invested and built by Zhejiang Quzhou Oriental Group in line with the five-star standards.

Pushe Yuanxi Hotel

Pushe Yuanxi Hotel, located at the foot of Dayin Mountain in Xinzhai village, occupies some 2,800 square meters.

Kaihua International Hotel

Kaihua International Hotel is invested by China Chao Feng Steel Group Co and was built in line with five-star hotel standards.

Longyou International Grand Hotel

Longyou International Grand Hotel is a four-star hotel that offers accommodation, catering, entertainment and conference facilities in Quzhou’s Longyou county.

Yisu Yinshi Dongping Homestay

The homestay was converted from an old house that stands between two camphor trees of a millennial age.

Yishe Homestay

Yishe Homestay is located in Miaoyuan village, a place of picturesque views and profound culture.

Oriental Hotel Changshan

Oriental Hotel is situated by the Dongming Lake in Changshan county, covering more than 40 mu (26,666 square meters).

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