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Four special dishes

When people talk about the signature dishes of Quzhou, they refer to the four special dishes “three heads and one foot”

Green river snail

Green river snail is a traditional snack from Kaihua county, Quzhou city.

Gongmian Noodle

Gongmian noodles, also called suomian noodles or silver noodles, is a specialty from Changshan county, Quzhou city.

Quzhou Pancake

Quzhou pancake, a Chinese-style roast cake, is a traditional local delicacy in Quzhou, Zhejiang province.

Qigao Cake

Qigao cake is a popular snack in Kaihua county, Quzhou city. It won the golden prize as a quality product at Zhejiang Agriculture Fair in 2016.

Longyou steamed sponge cake

Longyou steamed sponge cake is a specialty from Longyou county, Quzhou city.

Qingshui Fish

Qingshui fish, or clean water fish, is an indispensable dish for Kaihua people when they have guests.

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