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Qingdao Cuisine, usually deep fried, braised, roasted or stewed, commonly uses soy sauce, shallots and garlic, and the dishes are known for their delicate aromas, and pure flavor.

Liuting braised pig feet (流亭猪蹄/Liuting Zhu Ti)

Liuting braised pig feet is one of Qingdao's time-honored dishes, with a history of over 120 years.

Qingdao big steamed stuffed bun (青岛大包/Qingdao Da Bao)

Qingdao big steamed stuffed bun is one of Qingdao’s special snacks. It has about ten types of stuffing.

Qingdao steamed coelomactra antiquata (青岛西施舌/Qingdao Xi Shi She)

Coelomactra antiquata is a kind of shellfish native to Qingdao. Its original fresh and delicious taste is preserved.

Stewed chicken with Laoshan mushrooms (崂山菇炖鸡/Lao Shan Gu Dun Ji)

Stewed chicken with Laoshan mushrooms is one of the representative dishes in Qingdao. It stews a local rooster and Laoshan mushrooms in a soup stock.

Qingdao grilled squid (青岛烤鱿鱼/Qingdao Kao You Yu)

Grilled squid requires the whole squid to be cut into parts for roasting with chilies and other ingredients.

Qingdao bean jelly (青岛凉粉/Qingdao Liang Fen)

Qingdao bean jelly is boiled with endemic special edible seaweed. It is a jelly-like gelatinous food.

Qingdao pork greaves (青岛脂渣/Qingdao Zhi Zha)

Pork greaves is a characteristic food in Qingdao, it is easy to make and rich in nutrition and flavor.

Stewed Spanish mackerel fish ball with soup stock (高汤鲅鱼丸/Gao Tang Ba Yu Wan)

This dish uses fresh local Spanish mackerel and is hand-stirred to make the fish balls fresh, smooth and uniquely flavored.

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