Pingtan, Fujian province

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Beigang village

Beigang village in Pingtan enjoys natural resources including stones, sea and mountains.

Tanshui village

Tanshui village in north-east of Pingtan has splendid natural scenery and abundant tourist resources.


Located to the west of Haitan Island and 1.4 kilometers from Kan'ao village in Su'ao town, Shipaiyang is one of the most marvelous natural wonders in Pingtan, Fujian province.

Thirty-Six Feet Lake

Thirty-Six Feet Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake in East China's Fujian province, used to be the only source of fresh water for residents of the island city Pingtan.

Haitan Ancient City

Haitan Ancient City is a large cultural tourism complex built on an island featuring a large number of buildings built in ancient architectural styles, the first tourist attraction of its kind in China.

Tannan Bay

​Tannan Bay is one of the city's natural bathing beaches. Dubbed the "platinum coast", it has a 22-kilometer-long shoreline with enchanting seaside views.

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