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Beigang village

Beigang village in Pingtan enjoys natural resources including stones, sea and mountains.

Tanshui village

Tanshui village in north-east of Pingtan has splendid natural scenery and abundant tourist resources.

Thirty-Six Feet Lake

Thirty-Six Feet Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake in East China's Fujian province, used to be the only source of fresh water for residents of the island city Pingtan.

Tannan Bay

​Tannan Bay is one of the city's natural bathing beaches. Dubbed the "platinum coast", it has a 22-kilometer-long shoreline with enchanting seaside views.

East China Sea Wonderland

East China Sea Wonderland scenic resort is a coastal resort located at the southern foot of Wangye Mountain in Pingtan.

Nanzhai Mountain

Located in Beicuo town in the south of Pingtan Island, Nanzhai Mountain is famous for its giant animal-shaped granite rock formations.

Haitan Deity

Haitan Deity, located off the southern coast of Haitan Island in Pingtan, Fujian province, is a gigantic rock shaped like a man lying on a beach.

Longfengtou Beach

Located next to Haitan Bay in Pingtan, Fujian province, Longfengtou Beach is the largest natural bathing beach in China.

Jiangjun Mountain

Jiangjun Mountain, previously known as Tiger Mountain, is located in Haitan Scenic Area in Pingtan, Fujian province.

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