Pingtan, Fujian province


Kitesurfing festival opens in Pingtan

Updated: Sep 12, 2018 Print


This year's event attracts over 100 world-class kitesurfers from 23 countries and regions around the world. [Photo/]

The seventh Pingtan International Kitesurfing Festival, a global contest, kicked off in Pingtan, Fujian province on Sept 11.

More than 100 world-class kitesurfers from 23 countries and regions around the world competed in the contest that runs from Sept 11 to 15 at Longwangtou Beach in southern Pingtan.

"This is my second time in Pingtan. The place is very suitable for the contest for its abundant wind," said Florian, a Germany competitor.

Gao Hongxing, a kitesurfer from Xiamen, praised Pingtan highly as the best place for the contest and to live. He even rents an apartment in Pingtan to visit tourist attractions such as Jiangjun Mountain when he is free from contests and training.

In order to better serve the competitors from all over the world, six volunteers form Fujian Medical University were invited to act as English translators to help competitors during the event.

Pingtan, filled with favorable water quality and wind resources, has hosted the event for seven consecutive years since 2012.


Kitesurfers practice before the contest. [Photo/]

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