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Chahansulide ecological scenic spot

Established in 2006, Chahansulide ecological scenic spot is located in Uxin Banner, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region

Yijingyuan Urban Sand Mountain Scenic Spot

Founded in April 2018, Yijingyuan Urban Sand Mountain Scenic Spot is a large-scale recreational park integrating the functions of sightseeing, dining, and entertainment.

National Ordos Relict Gull Nature Reserve

The National Ordos Relict Gull Nature Reserve stretches across Dongsheng district and Ejin Horoo Banner in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Ordos Museum

Completed in fall 2011, this plaza is now a favorite amongst the locals who gather their families and friends to explore, play or lounge in the pleasant landscape.

Mausoleum of Genghis Khan Tourist Area

The Mausoleum is located along a river near Ejin Horo Banner of Ordos and is the first National 5A tourist area in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Squares in Ordos

Covering an area of 159,800 square meters and expressing a theme of "Grassland Song", the sculptures in Grassland Square showcase the cultural heritage and folk customs of Ordos.

Resonant Sand Gorge

Located in the middle of the Dalad Banner and the easternmost part of the Kubuqi Desert, the Resonant Sand Gorge is a tourist attraction offering the highlight of desert landscapes.

Ordos Cashmere Industrial Tourist Attraction

Ordos Cashmere Industrial Tourist Attraction is located on Park Avenue in Dongsheng District, covering an area of 2,791 mu.

Malan Prairie

Located in Otog Front Banner, Malan Prairie is close to the Great Wall of China and the Yellow River.It offers typical grassland landscapes and a wide range of Mongolian cultural services.

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