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The typical Nanyang tour includes the Laojieling scenic spot, the Xixia Dinosaur Relics Park and a wander around the Meditation Valley.


Nanyang is a communication hub with roads, highways, railroads and flights connecting different parts of China.


Nanyang has a large number of hotels featuring modern and fashionable decorations and providing guests a deluxe and elegant environment.


Nanyang cuisine is influenced by the native cooking styles of Henan Province in China, which fall in between the Jiangsu and Beijing cuisines.


Located at the intersection of Renmin Road and Zhongzhou Road, Nanyang Datong Department Store is the first high-end shopping mall in the city and is dubbed "No 1 Department Store in Nanyang".

Travel Agencies

Travelers in Nanyang are able to choose travel agencies as they need.


How to combine your exciting trip with the surrounding attractions on the day excursion for your long stay vacation in Nanyang? We are glad to offer you some useful travel tips in this regard.

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