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Guangyang Chinese–date

Zhenping, the hometown of Chinese Guangyang dates, has planted over 4 million date trees, with an annual yield of over 5 million kilograms.

Nanyang steamed dishes

Nanyang steamed dishes, good in color, aroma, taste and shape, have high nutritional value.

Spicy roast beef

Tanghe county is the main area of Nanyang yellow cattle, which is one of the top five varieties of fine yellow cattle.

Zhenping yellow rice wine

Chinese yellow rice wine is in the list of the top three ancient wines in the world, together with beer and wine.

Tanghe sesame slice

Tanghe's seasame slice is a famous traditional food in Tanghe.

Qi Yi yellow rice wine

According to historical records, a person, named Qi Yi, in the Ming Dynasty opened a restaurant here and sold yellow rice wine. From then on, Qi Yi yellow rice wine prevailed.

Dengzhou soup with pepper

The Dengzhou soup with pepper integrates fresh button, beef, gluten and paste.

Guotan roast chicken

Guotan roast chicken is produced in Guotan town, Tanghe county, and has a history of over 400 years.

Xichuan Spicy wild scorpions

Scorpions in Xichuan county are famous nationwide for they have two more legs.

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