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Nantong school of music and drama

Nantong school of music and drama was the first modern drama school of China.

Nantong Museum

Nantong Museum was established in 1905 by Zhang Jian, a Number One Scholar of the Imperial Exam in the late Qing Dynasty.

Nantong Jianghai Folk Culture Museum

Nantong Jianghai Folk Culture Museum is located between Junshan Mountain and Jianshan Mountain

Nantong Chenghuang Miao

Nantong Chenghuang Miao, or City God Temple, was built by Wang Mao, the prefecture magistrate in the second year of the Jianlong period of the Song Dynasty (961).

Nantong Buddhist Culture Exhibition Hall (West Temple)

The main hall of West Temple is a representative of temple buildings in the Ming Dynasty that still well preserved and was listed as a protected cultural relic in Nantong in 1998.

Nantong Bonsai Park

Nantong Bonsai Park is a classical southern garden surrounded by water on three sides and displays of more than 300 Nantong-style bonsai.

Nantong Blue Calico Museum

Nantong Blue Calico Museum, founded in 1997 by Wu Yuanxin, a grandmaster of Chinese arts and crafts, is the first museum with a topic of blue calico.

Nantong Abacus Museum

Nantong Abacus Museum is the world's largest museum of its kind.

Langshan Mountain

Langshan Mountain is a provincial scenic spot in Jiangsu and a national AAAA-level tourist area.

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