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Jianghuai Cultural Park

Jianghuai Cultural Park is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction.

Shen Shou Art Museum

Shen Shou Art Museum was established on the former site of the Nantong Institute of Needlework and Embroidery Training founded by Zhang Jian.

Rugao Shuihui Garden

Shuihui Garden is a national AAAA level national scenic spot and also a hot spot for lovers.

Zhang Jian Memorial Hall (Haoyang Villa)

Zhang Jian Memorial Hall was established on the former site of his dwelling in the later part of his life - Haoyang Villa.

Yiyuan peninsula resort

Yiyuan peninsula resort is the former site of the branch committee of the Communist Party of China in the first normal school of Jiangsu.

Wenfeng Pagoda

Wenfeng Pagoda is a five-storey, masonry-timber-structure hexagon pagoda with a small room in every storey.

South Park

South Park is among the first batch of the city's parks and the model of modern urban construction in China.

Se Park

Se Park is a national AAAA grade scenic spot.

Nantong TV Tower

Nantong TV Tower is reputed as the "pearl on the Haohe River".

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