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Lanzhou Waterwheel Garden

The garden demonstrated the spectacular view of waterwheels along the Yellow River from more than 50 years ago.

Gansu Geological Museum

The museum's collection includes over 30,000 specimens including geological and mineral, prehistoric life, minerals and rocks from Gansu and other provinces.

Gansu Science and Technology Museum

Gansu Science and Technology Museum, located at No. 568 of Yin'an street of Anning district, has a total construction area of 41,800 sq m.

Gansu Provincial Museum

Gansu Provincial Museum, sitting on the bank of the Yellow River, is one of the earliest integrative museums in China. It was previously the Gansu Scientific Education Center founded in 1939.

Gansu Grand Theater

Gansu Grand Theater and Convention Center was completed in March 2011 and is by far a public facility with the largest scale, the most comprehensive functions, and the highest level of building intelligence in the province.

'Water Danxia' landscape, Xigu district

The "Water Danxia" landscape of Lanzhou Xigu District is one of nature's masterpieces, with endless views of the wind-eroded landforms of the mountain.

Dunhuang Art Theater of Gansu

​The Dunhuang Arts Theater of Gansu Province, formerly the Gansu Provincial Song and Dance Troupe, was founded in 1961.

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