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Jiahua Plaza

Jiahua Plaza in Jinan, founded by Jinan Hualian Commercial Group and covering a combined floor area of more than 40,000 square meters, opened in September 2002.

Haoyouduo Shopping Center

Haoyouduo Shopping Center, a comprehensive supermarket with convenient transport, is located at the junction of the new and old towns in Jiyang county of Jinan.

Jinan Inzone Plaza

Jinan Inzone Plaza is a series of large comprehensive shopping centers combing shopping, recreation and catering founded by Inzone Group.

Guihe Plaza – Quancheng Road Branch

Guihe Plaza, founded in 1997 and renovated and expanded in 2013, covering 55,000 square meters, is one of the important commercial centers and landmarks in Jinan city.

Zhongrun Shopping Mall

The Zhongrun Shopping Mall, open to the public in 2014, is the first comprehensive commercial building combing shopping, recreation, catering and cultural exchanges in Shanghe county of Jinan.

Maochang Yinzuo Plaza

Maochang Yinzuo Plaza, located in the commercial center in Pingyin county of Jinan, combines residences, shopping, recreation, catering and tourism.

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