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Hongye Valley

Hongye Valley, which lies in the southern mountainous area of Jinan, is the leading leisure venue for viewing thousands of red leaves in autumn in the region.

Chengziya Site Museum

Located on the eastern side of Wuyuan River, Chengziya site was the first primitive site that Chinese archaeologists discovered and plays a very important role in the study and understanding of Chinese Neolithic culture.

Jinan National Horticultural Exposition Park

Lying in the central area of the University Scientific Zone in Changqing district, Jinan National Horticultural Exposition Park is on the main axis of One Mountain, One Water and One Sage.

Qi Great Wall Scenery in Dafengshan

Qi Great Wall Scenery is the only part of the Qi Great Wall that originates from the Yellow River and ends at sea.

Jinan Cultural Center

Jinan Cultural Center, established in 1956, is a government-funded public cultural utility and a national grade 1 cultural center.

Simen Tower

Simen Tower is the oldest pavilion-style stone tower in China and was selected in the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units by the State Department in 1961.

Quancheng Park

Quancheng Park, in the central part of Jinan city, was opened to the public in 1989 under the name of Jinan Botanic Garden. It was renamed Quancheng Park in 2006.

Baimai Spring Garden

Lying near Mingshui Lake in Zhangqiu district, Baimai Spring Garden is famous for its many clean springs and is 50 kilometers from Jinan's urban area.

Jinan Botanical Garden

inan Botanical Garden, located on 80 hectares in Zhangqiu district of Jinan, is a comprehensive garden where people can enjoy nature, gain knowledge about plants and enjoy a relaxing time.

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