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Xuanwu Lake, Nanjing

Xuanwu Lake, located in Nanjing’s Xuanwu district, is the largest city park in Jiangnan area (the southern regions of the Yangtze River) and is the largest lake in royal gardens.

Nanjing Plum Blossom Mountain

Nanjing Plum Blossom Mountain, located in the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum scenic area on the southern side of Purple Mountain, is among the country’s first batch of 5A scenic areas.

Presidential Palace

Located in Nanjing’s Xuanwu district, the Presidential Palace has a history of more than 600 years.

Zhongshan Mountain National Park

Zhongshan Mountain National Park was among the first batch of 5A scenic areas in China.

Three Kingdoms Town and Water Margin Town at CCTV Wuxi Movie/TV Base

Built in 1987, CCTV Wuxi Movie/TV Base was China's first park themed on movie/TV culture and tourism.

Zhouzhuang Water Town

Zhouzhuang, situated in Kunshan city, only 30 kilometers southeast of Suzhou, is one of the most famous water townships in China.

Lingshan Mountain

The Lingshan Mountain Scenic area features one of the largest and most representative collections of Buddhist architecture and art in China.

Classical Gardens of Suzhou (Humble Administrator's Garden, Huqiu Mountain, Lingering Garden)

Suzhou in Jiangsu province is well-known for its classical gardens, among which are the Humble Administrator's Garden, Tiger Hill and Lingering Garden.

Slender West Lake

Slender West Lake scenic was named a national 5A-level tourist zone in 2010, the first area to gain the honor in Yangzhou.

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