20 self-driving routes to explore Inner Mongolia

The Department of Culture and Tourism of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region proposed 20 three-day self-driving routes for visitors to explore the area’s unique and amazing scenery May 22.

An impression of Hulunbuir

Hulunbuir in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region gets its name from the Hulun Lake and Buir Lake that are under its jurisdiction.

Three charming ethnic groups in Inner Mongolia

Ethnic groups with the least population in Inner Mongolia autonomous region are the Oroqen, Ewenki and Daur.

Spring Festival customs and traditions for ethnic Mongolians

In ancient times, Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, was called "white festival" in Mongolian as pure white milk-made food was served for the festival.

Unfrozen River in Inner Mongolia

A river never freezes in Hinggan League of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, although the air temperature reaches as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius.

Best fall getaways from Inner Mongolia

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year, and Inner Mongolia offers a spectacular show of fall foliage with vibrant displays of gold, scarlet, and orange.

Ten things you should know about cashmere before you buy

If you want to keep stylish and dislike heavy clothes on cold days, cashmere products would be a better choice. They are light, fine and can bring warmth, especially 100 percent cashmere sweaters and overcoats.

Top 10 prairies you shouldn't miss in Inner Mongolia

Grassy meadows are a great place to take a break, enjoy hiking and the benefits brought by wide open spaces. They're also important habitats for many species including horses, goats, wild flowers and herbs. Here are top 10 prairies in the region.

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