Beizi (焙子 "beizi")

Beizi is a kind of local specialty and looks like a pancake but bigger and thicker.

Milk tea (奶茶 "naicha")

Milk tea is a traditional Mongolian hot drink.

Oat noodles (莜面 "youmian")

Oats are a low-yield crop with short growth period and are saline-alkaline and cold resistant.

Shao-mai (steamed dumplings) (烧麦 "shaomai")

Shao-mai (steamed dumplings) is a traditional snack that has been popular in Beijing since the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Braised noodles (焖面 "menmian")

Braised noodles are made of flour, with green beans and meat served on the side.

Roast whole lamb (烤全羊 "kaoquanyang")

Roast whole lamb is traditionally offered for special guests and often appears only for grand occasions.

Mutton eaten by hand (手抓羊肉 "shouzhuayangrou")

Mutton eaten by hand is Hohhot's most famous dish.

Hulun Lake fish feast (呼伦贝尔全鱼宴 "hulunbeierquanyuyan")

A Fish Feast often consists of 12 to 24 dishes, but can even run into the hundreds.

Ghee (酥油 "suyou")

Ghee is essence kind of liquid butter, with important nutrients, and was only used in the past for honored guests or important festivals in the Inner Mongolia region.

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