Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

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Travel agencies

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Inner Mongolia Train Yacht International Travel Service Co Ltd (TYTS)

Tel: (0471)2259348

Fax: (0471)2259348

Email: tyts@publichhnm.cn

Inner Mongolia Chunqiu Travel Agent Co Ltd (IMCTA)

Tel: (0471)6688876


Email: nmgchunqiulvyou@163.com

Inner Mongolia China International Travel Service Co Ltd

Tel: (0471)6920111

Fax: (0471)6962444

Email: imcits@public.hh.nm.cn

Inner Mongolia Huanyu International Travel Agency Co Ltd

Tel: (0475)8212846 8212848

Fax: (0475)8212246

Email: huanyu-03@163.com

China Yooth Travel Service Inner Mongolia Branch

Tel: (0471)4345118

Fax: (0471)4345120

Email: cytsi@pubilic.hh.nm.cn

China Travel Service Inner Mongolia

Tel: (0471)6926774

Fax: (0471)6936487

Email: info@imcts.com.cn

Inner Mongolia Railway Int'l Travel Service

Tel: (0471)2244822

Fax: (0471)2244822

Email: tglint@publit.hh.cn

Inner Mongolia Comfort Int'l Travel Co Ltd

Tel: (0471)6921177

Fax: (0471)6961081

Email: citsnmet@public.hh.nm.cn

Inner Mongolia Continental Travel Co Ltd

Tel: (0471)4816308

Fax: (0471)4816008

Email: info@nmwzji.com

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