Spicy soup (胡辣汤/Hula Tang)

Spicy soup is a traditional snack in Luoyang, in Central China's Henan province.

Deep-fried sesame balls (油炸芝麻球/Youzha Zhimaqiu)

Deep-fried sesame balls, a fried sweet dish made of glutinous rice balls coated with sesame seeds, are stuffed with sweetened bean paste, shredded coconut or sesame paste with sugar.

Stone buns (石子馍/Shizimo)

Stone buns (石子馍/Shi Zi Mo) are Chinese-style baked rolls with a long and profound history.

Spicy roast beef

Tanghe county is the main breeding area for Nanyang yellow cattle, which is one of the top five varieties of fine yellow cattle.

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